In our efforts to find ways to reduce the costs of tool ownership for your company, HYTORC has developed a Lease/LTSA program that we think many of our customers will find quite attractive. The LTSA program with Lease will work like a typical leasing program, where your company pays a monthly rate on the equipment for the duration of the lease, and all services and any support of the tool are covered. Eligible equipment is pictured above and some details of that support are listed below.

Four layers to an LTSA (3 or 5 year terms)

  1. Quarterly, Semi, or Annual Calibrations
  2. Quarterly, Semi, or Annual Preventative Maintenance
  3. Extended Warranty
  4. Financing (Lease or Finance Option)

Benefits and added value

  • Significantly reduced costs of tool ownership (+50%/year)
  • Predictable and budgetable yearly maintenance costs
  • Assurance that tooling is always in working, safe order
  • Flexible Payment plans available over course of leasing period
  • Availability of the latest and safest bolting technology
  • Eliminate taxes associated with typical tooling depreciation

Digital calibration system

  • 24/7/365 customer support from a dedicated HYTORC account representative
  • The equipment carries an end-to-end warranty including free calibrations as well as parts and labor for all repairs
  • TORCSAFE Preventative Maintenance is included with the lease providing free site visits by our mobile service vehicle, inventory management, equipment inspection and safety/ operational trainings
  • HYTORC will dedicate local backup tools in case of any equipment failure/repairs
  • Access to our online tooling management program to

Fully equipped on-board repair center

Our technicians are trained to repair most brands of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric bolting systems on-site. If a repair cannot be completed, a free loaner tool will be offered while your tool is sent to our nearest service center for repair. Schedule a free visit today.