Customer Service

With the purchase of a HYTORC Bolting System, you have obtained the latest technology and lifetime worldwide local customer service. This includes repairs, rentals and FREE services. Contact Your Local Sales Rep

FREE Services

  • FREE user safety training upon receipt of merchandise
  • FREE loaner tools in case of product failure within 24 hours
  • FREE torque/tension consultation/seminar
  • FREE half day, first use supervision
  • FREE annual product inspection on request
  • FREE product demonstrations
  • FREE 12 month no-questions-asked warranty for hydraulic tools. Extended warranties are available
  • FREE 5 year tool housing warranty for hydraulic tools.
  • FREE upgrades during the lifetime of the tool to enhance safety, durability, and function
  • (Above services are not subject to travel expense charges)

Tool & Equipment Rentals

  • 100% of all paid rental credits will be applied as a discount towards any "New technology"* purchase within six months from the rental invoice date before they expire.
  • User training for first time rentals is free of all cost
  • Return freight charges are FREE
  • Rental tools are guaranteed to perform and are subject to the free loaner tool policy of HYTORC


  • All repairs are guaranteed for 6 months
  • Repairs are subject to labor and part cost, as outlined in the official HYTORC price list
  • All warranty repairs are FREE of all charges including return-freight
  • All repairs will be tested and calibrated to ensure the highest quality repairs